Alexander Park Football
50 Years

Alexander Park is a member of the North Shore Football League and this year is celebrating 63 years of proving football to the youth of the West Island. Along with Sunnybrooke we form a park system that teaches and delevops young football players and prepares them for the next level.

Alexander park has won 20 Provincials titles the first one being the Atom Bills in 1968 and the last one the Mosquito Hurricanes in 2017.


The NFSL is divided into 2 territorys (Teams),Alexander Park territory is Fredmir to the East, De Salleberry to the South, Pierrefonds Blvd to the North and St-Anne de Bellevue to the west. There are also open territorys such as Pointe-Claire, Ile Bizard, Ste. Genevieve and Dorval.