Alexander Park Football

the nsfl

The North Shore Roughriders are part of the North Shore Football League. The league is comprised of 2 parks programs, Roughriders and the Knights and 2 inter city programs, Lions and Mustangs

The NSFL has a board of directors and most decisions are taken at periodic meetings at which the park director has a vote.

The NSFL has a blue book that is similar to Football Quebec’s Green Book and contains the rules and regulations of the league. Some of the subjects that Football Quebec determines and that we follow are: the territories, releases, the age and weight limits of the players and any misconduct by the players or coaches, registration fees and ordering and replacing of equipment.

The yearly schedule is based on the Bol d’Argent playoff weekend. This occurs in the middle of the month of November. We then plan backwards to the beginning of our season in order to have playoffs and at least 10 weeks of regular season play. The playoffs are determined by the standings of each level (Atoms, Mosquito and Peewee) at the end of the regular season.

the referees

Have their own association and are part of the scheduling of our regular season and finals. Many of our referees also do college, university and pro games which is why our atom games often have younger, less experienced referees. Much as the players, they are learning their craft and require that the parents show some self control. They cannot see everything and they are watching the whole game, not just one child.

the park

a. the park director

The job of Park Director includes being liaison with the NSFL, overseeing the program and its operation: The contracts, the head coaches, the practices, game day set up, medic, referees, cantine, budgets, etc. The park operates almost like a small business!

The present park director is: Patty Marando

b. the managers

The team managers represent the park director at on each team. Their jobs include: getting the volunteer schedule prepared, getting the contracts ready and signed, making sure that they have their rosters ready for game day and generally organizing each one of our teams for the season. The Managers are in charge of communicating all necessary information to the parents.

The head coaches along with the park director select the managers for each team.

c. the head coaches

Each of the teams has a head coach. The job of the head coach is to prepare practices and prepare game day. Although it doesn’t sound like much, the head coaches must have football knowledge, knowledge of the each individual child and the capacity to make decisions that will impact the whole team. Much preparation goes into every week of practice and every game.

At North Shore, the Head Coaches also double as recruiting agents! They do special events and prepare leaflets for different occasions for distribution to possible players.

The Head Coaches are picked by the Park Director and then go on to choose their coaching staff.

d. the equipment manager

Each team has an equipment manager that will be responsible for distribution of equipment, the signing of equipment sheets and for the return and inventory of all of our equipment.

e. cantine

Your registration fee pays for the replacement of equipment for the Park and goes 100% to the League. They purchase the shoulder pads, pads and the helmets.

Each individual park must then purchase their practice pants, practice jerseys, game pants and game jerseys along with field equipment, BBQ, tables and other equipment deemed necessary by the Head Coaches and Park Director.

We raise all of the necessary money through our Canteen.

This is why we like to make our canteen the nerve center of game day. Each of your purchases goes right back to the children in one form or the other. The canteen also allows us to host a yearly banquet and hand out more trophies and of a better quality.

f. game day

On game day, many things must happen for all of the players to enjoy their day. We play 5 or our regular season games at the Park and the others on the road.

The set up crew is usually a group of enterprising PW dads who set up the field equipment for us and thus allow the PW Coaches to meet with the players without the additional burden of setting up.

The players do however, help in setting up the canteen and bringing out the extra food stuff for the day.

We always have a medic on hand and a time keeper both of which are paid by the league.

During the day, many volunteers are needed both to keep the canteen rolling at a good pace, the players hydrated through watermelon and oranges and the field markers up for the benefit of the coaches and players alike and a videographer for the benefit of the coaches who wish to review game tape and improve their players skills.

At the end of the day, the Atom parents are usually asked to pitch in to pull down the game day equipment in order for the park to return to its previous look!

g. merchandise

Every year we attempt to purchase merchandise that can be fun and show your support for the teams. Feel free to browse when we are set up or come and see us if you have any ideas or suggestions for the merchandise.

h. the banquet

The yearly banquet is the opportunity for parents and kids alike to get together one last time before the end of our season. It is also the opportunity for each team to recognize the contribution of some players. Regardless of their performance, each player receives a participation award.

Typically, the “special” trophy selections will be made by all of the coaches on a team. The ground rules are: No one can vote for their son and no one gets more than one “special” trophy. The decision of each team of coaches is communicated to the Park Director a few weeks before the banquet.